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With our commitment to quality and transparency, we focus on managing, protecting and maximizing property assets. All the while using a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to elevate the tenant and landlord experience.

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Real Estate investing is always a great idea, but then how do you take care of it. You already have a full time focus, watching over your investment is a full-time job, that’s where we come in. 
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Experience. Transparency.

With several years of experience operating as a top recognized company in the nation, we bring a large network of representatives and experience to the table. With an Owners Portal to get up-to-date information as the the performance of your investment, you can break this down and see all income and expenses unit, Tenant, Property, or complete portfolio….. Transparency = Trust

our Focus

Tenant Evaluation

We help Renters find Properties and prepare every applicant with a qualification package (Instant Credit, Eviction, and Criminal History) combined with income verification.

Landlord Protection

Renters Insurance available through the Tenant Portal at a discounted rate. Alternative Landlord Liability Coverage available for just $12.50 from the Tenant monthly. Everyone can be covered.

Rent Collection

Its easy for Tenants with automatic rent withdrawals from a bank account, online payment options and in-person payments, it’s easy for everyone. Rental Proceeds deposited to your account every month!

Service Customized for you.


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I used to get frustrated at how much time it took to manage my properties between tenants, repairs, payments and issuing notices. LoKation Property Management has saved me hours every month. I just wait for the deposit in my account every month, like magic.
Jonathan B. Investor
Paying rent is easier than any other place I have rented. They had 4 options to pay the rent online or in person, that makes my life easier. No more writing checks or money orders!
Jeff G. Tenant      
My favorite part about working with LoKation Property Management is the on-demand transparency. I can log into the Owners Portal and see/download my financial position or documents I need to get to my accountant on demand.
Marissa P. Investor   
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